Friday, 2 October 2009

Louis Walsh 'fears X Factor curse'

X Factor judge Louis Walsh fears that he is finally facing the consequences of Johnny Rocco's curse, a report claims.

Retired gardener Rocco, 69, issued a warning to Walsh at auditions in Manchester two years ago after being mocked by the Irish judge. As well as mumbling in Italian to the boyband manager, he said: "Remember the name Johnny Rocco."

According to the Daily Star, Walsh now blames Rocco after being hit by a run of bad luck as he filmed his judges' houses stage in Italy recently.

It is thought that the star lost his luggage and found himself caught in thunder and lightning on arrival in Milan. Additionally, his contestants were reportedly left stranded near Lake Como after he was banned from taking a boat to join them due to the poor weather conditions.

A source said: "Louis could quite literally have been sleeping with the fishes if they had allowed the boat to sail."

The insider added: "Louis didn't take Johnny's threat seriously at first but now he is really wondering if it could be real."

Responding to the rumours, Rocco said: "Louis has at last had his just desserts. He messed with me and bad-mouthed me and now he's paid the price. Maybe this will stop people like him judging me so quickly and being so nasty."

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