Wednesday, 24 July 2013

The Royal Baby Blog!

Whether you agree with retaining a monarchy or not, there’s no denying that this week’s royal baby birth has been a monumental event that has been completely impossible to avoid, no matter how much you might try.

With the baby being a boy, there are now 3 direct male heirs to the throne for the first time since 1894! Looks like it’s going to be a long time before we see another Queen…

The name is yet to be decided, but the bookies have George, James and Alexander as the 3 favourites. I personally hope Will and Kate go with the 500/1 outsider, Rumpelstiltskin…

To celebrate the birth of the royal baby we’ve put together a collection of top quality baby products below, including some fantastic royal baby memorabilia!

Classic Pooh Royal Baby Mug - £9.95

Classic Pooh Royal Baby Mug

Raise a glass (or a mug in this case) to the royal baby with this charming ceramic mug. With subtle green and white colouring and a classic Pooh design, it’s perfect item for commemorating the birth of the royal baby! The mug comes with a glossy Classic Pooh box, making it an ideal gift for a friend or relative.

Classic Pooh Royal Baby Plate - £12

Classic Pooh Royal Baby Plate

This commemorative green and white Classic Pooh plate would look wonderful on anybody’s bookshelf or mantelpiece! The plate comes with a glossy Classic Pooh box, protecting it from damage and making it an ideal gift for a friend or family member.

Mamas & Papas Range – Prices start from £9.99

Mamas & Papas - Octopus Play Mat
Mamas & Papas - Activity Cube
Mamas & Papas Buzz Bouncing Cradle Tokyo

For years, Mamas and Papas have been providing mothers with quality baby products. Their huge range includes everything a newborn could possibly need, from soft toys and snugs, to activity mats and rocking horses. Featuring colourful, creative designs, all their products aim to captivate and entertain your baby, while aiding their development.

Tiny Tot Trinkets from Only £4.99

Its’a boy

Personalised Blue Rabbit
It's A Boy Plaque
Blue Tooth & Curl Boxes
Whether you are buying a gift for a boy or a girl there is a great range of tiny tot trinkets in blue and in pink, ranging from Personalised Cutlery, Bookends, Money Boxes, Personalised Rabbits, and free standing Plaques, these make great new baby gifts as well as being great Christening gift ideas.

It’s a girl

It's A Girl Plaque
Pink Personalised Rabbit

Looking for even more Baby and Nursery Gifts? At 24studio you’ll find great ranges from East Coast, Lollipop Lane, Button Corner, and Mamas & Papas.

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Friday, 19 July 2013

Authentic Canvas Vans Only £39.99 At


Vans' storied history, and their connection with skate and surf culture, began in 1966 Southern California with the rolling out of a single pair of shoes. They were named Authentic. In the generations since, they have only gotten more popular amongst hardcore skaters and skate enthusiasts. Their design is simple, stylish, and effective: a low top lace-up profile made with sturdy canvas uppers, and signature waffle rubber soles.

At 24studio you can snap up a pair of men's or ladies Authentic canvas pumps by Vans for a fantastic £39.99 each.

Mens Authentic Vans are available in Grey, Navy, White and Black and the Ladies Authentic Vans are available in Blue, Black, True White, Red and Pewter.

Ladies Authentic Canvas Pumps By Vans
Mens Authentic Canvas Pumps By Vans Mens Authentic Canvas Pumps By Vans

Order your today from

Men's Authentic Vans Only £39.99
Ladies Authentic Vans Only £39.99

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Thursday, 11 July 2013

5 Reasons to Pre-Order an Xbox One

Xbox One
Available to pre-order at 24studio for £429.99

If, like many people, you’re struggling to decide which 8th generation console to purchase, then please read on. Listed below are 5 of the Xbox One’s key selling points and the reasons why they make the console special and unique. If you’ve got your heart well and truly set on the PS4 then this post probably isn’t for you, but if you’re on the fence, then the following points may put you firmly in Microsoft’s camp!

By pre-ordering an Xbox One with Studio, you don’t have to pay anything up front. Simply wait for your statement to arrive and then choose to either pay in full or break up your payment into small manageable chunks. What better reason could there be to shop with Studio!?

1.   Snap Mode
The basis of Snap Mode is to allow multiple applications to run side-by-side, in a similar manner to a laptop or tablet. No games console has ever attempted this before, which is what makes this such an interesting feature of the Xbox One. You’ll be able to play games while running other apps such as an Internet Browser or Skype. To achieve this, Microsoft have combined a state-of-the-art gaming operating system with a powerful Windows operating system, meaning there will be zero loss in performance no matter how many applications you are running.

2.   Living Games
Dynamic living worlds evolve and improve the more you play. Your games stay in sync with the real world, meaning stats can be fed into your game, which is particularly useful for sports games. Plus, advanced artificial intelligence allows your friends to play against your shadow when you’re not even there.

3.   Advanced Kinect
As well as providing advanced voice and gesture controls, the new Kinect sensor can also monitor your heartbeat, see in the dark, track wrist and shoulder movements, record 1080p video and much, much more. It will also automatically log you in whenever you enter a room and switch on whenever you say ‘Xbox One’. Every Xbox One ships with the new Kinect, meaning you don’t have to buy it separately.

4.   Game DVR
The Xbox One keeps a rolling record of your latest gameplay, enabling you to watch replays and then share them on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. This is particularly useful for showing off a spectacular goal on FIFA or an incredible kill on Call of Duty! You can check out replays of all your friends’ latest gameplay action too.

5.   Halo 5!
For many people (including myself) the Halo series is one of the greatest franchises ever to grace the games console. Without an Xbox One, you simply will not be able to play the next game in the series, nor will you be able to watch the new Halo TV series which Steven Spielberg is set to produce. There are plenty of other incredible Xbox One exclusives available too, such as Forza Motorsport 5, Dead Rising 3 and Crimson Dragons.

Here’s a sneak peek of Halo 5…

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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Rattan Effect Furniture: For the Perfect Summer Garden

Rattan effect garden furniture (or synthetic rattan garden furniture) has become increasingly popular over the years, and for good reason. Not only does it add a beautiful, natural look to your garden, but it brings a great deal of advantages over natural rattan furniture too. For example:

  • Synthetic rattan is much lighter than natural rattan, meaning it can be positioned where you like with ease
  • Synthetic rattan is built to withstand the elements, giving you furniture which will last for years to come
  • Natural rattan furniture is notorious for accumulating mould in damp environments and will need replacing more frequently
  • Natural rattan is prone to cracking, splitting and unravelling. This does not happen with synthetic rattan
  • Synthetic rattan is more affordable than natural rattan and is likely to be within most people’s budgets
  • Rattan effect furniture is available in a range of colours. It can also be painted to suit your garden d├ęcor

Below is a selection of our favourite rattan effect garden furniture at Studio, designed to help you bring your garden to life and make the most of the summer. And remember, you can spread the cost of your purchases with a Studio account.

All-Weather Balcony Set - £194.99

All Weather Balcony Set

A great value set, ideal for taking the weight off your feet and relaxing in the sun while reading a book or drinking a cold drink.

All Weather Balcony Set  £194.99

Rattan Effect Planter - £14.99

Rattan Effect Planter

Perfect for displaying plants and flowers in your garden or on your patio. Plus, if your order 2 planters, you will save yourself £3!

Rattan Effect Planter  £14.99

Rattan Effect Table and Cool-Bar - £69.99

Rattan Effect Table and Cool-Bar

If you enjoy hosting garden parties over the summer months, then this rattan effect table and cool-bar should be a definite purchase! The base can be filled with ice and used to keep drinks cool, while the table-top is ideal for nibbles and serving drinks.

Rattan Effect Table and Cool-Bar  £69.99

Rattan Effect Bench with Cushion - £99.99

Rattan Effect Bench with Cushion

With its strong, sturdy frame and its ultra comfortable cushion, this rattan effect bench is perfect for a spot of summer relaxation. Kick back with a book or cold drink and let the world pass you by!

Rattan Effect Bench with Cushion  £99.99

4-Piece All-Weather Rattan Effect Set - £229.99 (including delivery)

4-Piece All-Weather Rattan Effect Set

With this contemporary 4-piece rattan effect set, you can sit outdoors with your family and soak up the sun. The padded seats are soft and comfortable, while the glass top table offers the perfect solution for serving drinks and snacks.

4-Piece All-Weather Rattan Effect Set  £229.99 (including delivery)

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