Thursday, 17 August 2017

Moving to University Checklist...

Summer is finally here, which to all of you college students means results day is just around the corner! If you’re amongst the thousands heading to university this September (depending on your results of course!), it’s massively important to get yourself set for flying the nest. From decorative bedroom essentials to all the kitchen equipment you’ll need to rustle up some grub. At Studio, we’ve come up with an essential checklist of everything you need to prepare yourself for moving away from home for the first time - taking away a few of the nerves that come with moving to a whole new city!

Like living at home, your bedroom is your own personal space, giving you a place to relax, unwind and concentrate when exam periods roll around. When it comes to the essentials you need to make your room a home away from home, it’s all about packing comfortable additions to make your blank canvas of a student room feel like a comfy haven of relaxation - the perfect place to recover from inevitable hangovers and binge watch your favourite box sets while the work begins to mount…

Bedding: Duvet, Pillows & Mattress Protector
Many student accommodations don’t come with bedding included, so it’s important to bring it all with you when you move. Whether you want to go budget or bring along the plushest quilt on offer to be the envy of your flatmates, we have loads available to meet your sleeping needs.

Duvet Set
A duvet set is the perfect way to add a little personality to your room; whether you want to go for your favourite colour or a jazzy print to brighten up your space, Studio has loads of bed sheets available to suit you.

Bedroom Accessories
On top of your essentials, why not bring along some extra homeware to add extra personal touches to your space? Cushions and throws will instantly uplift any room while adding extra warmth and comfort for cold days, while picture frames will showcase memories and add to the overall feel of your room. Remember to take a lamp with you to save getting up to turn the light off, and invest in some storage boxes to avoid clutter taking over your limited space!

Whether you’re a good cook or going solo for the first time after relying on your parents for the past 18 years, we’ve come up with a list of kitchen essentials to help you avoid the typical student diet of Pot Noodles and beans on toast!

Cutlery is a kitchen essential, but it’s best not to splash the cash, as they are inevitably going to get lost, broken or stolen. 

Pots and Pans
Unless you’re planning on becoming the microwave master, you’re going to need some pots and pans to get yourself cooking. Even if it’s just boiling a bit of pasta occasionally, it’s best to get a good set of pans to add a little variety to your diet!

Dinner Sets
Whether you want to share with your new flat mates or have enough crockery to avoid doing the washing up for a while, a dinner set is the ultimate essential for anyone heading to university. The 16-Piece Stoneware Matt Dinner Set includes plates, side plates, dishes and cups, giving you everything you’ll need for less than £30!

Obviously, you’ll be provided with a cooker and microwave, but to make cooking a little easier, why not take a few extra appliances to cut out the fuss of cooking? The Giani 4 Portion Grill can cook everything from chicken and steak to cheese and ham toasties quickly and easily, perfect for rustling up a quick meal between lectures or for when you just can’t be bothered. Other essential university appliances include toasters, toastie makers and kettles, so you can invite your friends around for a brew while you gossip about the antics of the night before.

Cooking Utensils
Don’t forget about your cooking utensils! Spatulas, peelers, tin openers, bottle openers, colanders, mashers and whatever else you may need are ideal to have in the cupboard, you never know when you might need them!

If you’re lucky enough to have an en-suite or you’re stuck in a shared bathroom, it’s best to bring along the essentials...

There’s nothing nicer than getting out the shower and wrapping yourself in a nice fluffy towel. Even though your towels won’t be as soft as when Mum washes them, they are definitely a university essential.

Bath Mat
To avoid flooding out your bathroom on a daily basis, take a bath mat to university with you to add a splash of functional style, while saving yourself from the peril of puddles!

Bathroom Accessories
To keep your bathroom tidy and organised, make sure you take along some bathroom accessories. At Studio, we have a range of different sized bathroom sets for sale, which include a variety of items like; pedal bins, toilet brush and holders, toilet roll holders, soap dishes, hand lotion dispensers, vanity mirrors, soap dishes and toothbrush holders.

Weighing Scales
To make sure you don’t pile on the pounds as your takeaway and alcohol levels begin to rise, take a pair of weighing scales to university with you so you can battle the bulge!

Laundry basket
Instead of letting your dirty washing build up on the floor, make sure you add a laundry basket to your university checklist! To add a little style to your bathroom, our Geometric Laundry Basket is the perfect choice.

The list of university items may seem daunting, but the more you organise in advance, the less time you’ll have to spend in Wilko when you arrive! So, get yourself onto Studio to make the most of our university bargains, so you have more time to get out and have fun.

Studio Confidential - Gemma Clements

Each week, Studio Confidential gets up close and personal with our fashion savvy staff, giving you top tips direct from the industry. From fashion to homeware, we’ll bring you fresh, fun and fashionable gossip direct from Studio HQ, sharing tips and stories not to be missed!

Every girl dreams of working in fashion, and Gemma Clements is living it!

Gemma is our Ladies Own Brand Buyer, she’s been with team Studio for over a year now and is loving every minute. As one of our leading ladies of fashion, we’ve asked her for her top style tips, a bit about her everyday life at Studio and all about her style inspirations…

Tell us a little about yourself, Gemma
I’ve always worked in fashion, I’ve gone from being a shop floor assistant at the age of 16 to where I am today as a ladies’ fashion buyer. I love my job at the moment, working as a part of a team is always fun and I love watching people develop their skills. No two days are the same, that’s definitely the best part of the job, it’s always exciting!

How would you describe your style?
Clean, simple and timeless… but always on trend!

Who is your style inspiration?
Olivia Palmero – She was on an American reality show called The City but she’s now more famous for her style, she’s always on trend.

What item in your wardrobe could you not live without?
My black t-shirt! It matches with everything, so it’s great for when I can’t decide what to wear.

What’s the best fashion advice you’ve ever recieved?
If in doubt, wear black.

Tell us your biggest fashion fail…
My Lacoste tracksuit when I was 13, cringe!

What is your go-to outfit?
My cold shoulder black jumpsuit, it hides all my sins and looks great with everything – especially barely there black heels and bright earrings.

You can shop our range of jumpsuits here...

What’s your favourite trend of 2017?
Ruffles and embroidery, I love over the top details.

Which fashion trend will you be glad to see end?
Bright yellow clothing – it’s just too wacky for most people, there’s nothing timeless about it!

If someone’s struggling with their personal style, what advice would you give them?
Wear what makes you feel happy and confident, don’t care what other people think!

Who is your favourite designer?
I’ve always loved Chloe, it’s such a timeless and classic brand, their pieces are just amazing season after season.

Finally, give us a few top picks from the Studio range!
The two-pack playsuits are great for summer holidays and our patterned pac-a-macs are perfect for anyone heading to a festival this summer because you can just keep them in your bag when it’s sunny.

You can shop our two pack playsuits here...

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