Tuesday, 29 April 2008

A Wii Product Review

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Great product,

Wii TreeHaving gained a few pounds over the years and as someone who finds exercise boring I took a bit of a flyer on the wii fit. Now having used it for a weekend I can confirm the product is fantastic; best £70 I have ever spent - It simply makes exercise a real laugh. You can hoola hoop, go jogging, ski jump, do a bit of yoga, practice your football heading - but watch out if you are rubbish, you'll get a few teddies and football boots thrown at you for good measure!

Wii BoardOn a more serious note the board calculates your BMI works out your weight and is intuitive to ensure you don't over do it. It also tracks your progress and makes recommendations on how you might help yourself to get fitter. Plus don't worry if you don't want others knowing all your personal details (such as your weight), you can password protect your details so only you can see them.

Wii Fit BoxIn short its a great product that makes exercise fun and will (if you let them) have the rest of the family in stitches as they watch you go ass over tip on the ski jump, or get smacked in the head with a football boot.

Well done Nintendo, another product that it well worthy of the hype - and there's not many of those these days.

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Monday, 28 April 2008

Wii Fit Has Arrived!!!

Note: Sorry this item is currently in short supply. All orders placed will be delayed for 10 - 12 weeks.

Wii Fit sold over a quarter of a million copies in a week over in Japan. The game is designed to help you get fit and enjoy yourself at the same time whilst becoming more aware of your physical condition. With a variety of exercises that focus on helping you to improve your balance and posture or to just simply relax, Wii Fit uses the latest technology to assist you in leading a healthier lifestyle.

The game offers over 40 different exercises to get your whole body involved. You can burn off those calories with aerobic exercises, bulk up with muscle building exercises, improve your balance with a selection balance games and relax with a bit of Yoga.

You can keep track of your progress with the Wii Fit Channel, in fact you can keep track of the progress of up to eight people in personal fitness files.

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Wii Fit Box Wii Board

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Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Christmas Living Competition Winners Anounced!

The Studio Blog Team would like to offer a big congratulations to the winners of our Christmas Living Competition:
  • Mrs Amanda Scott from Edinburgh
  • Mrs Joyce Noble from Ashingdon
  • Ms Catherine Sarella Clark from Cheltenham
Each lucky winner has won a prize of £100 to spend in any of our catalogues.

PM: Rowling has got the whole country reading

Harry Potter author JK Rowling received an outstanding achievement award at the Galaxy British Book Awards and was commended by the prime minister for her achievements in children's literature.

Other authors noted at the event included novelist Ian McEwan, who won the Galaxy Book of the Year award for his tragedy On Chesil Beach as well as the award for Reader's Digest Author of the Year.

Gordon Brown said of Ms Rowling's accomplishments: "She has joined a distinguished line of British authors whose work has got the whole country reading, and whose books will be read for many years to come by successive generations."

Ms Rowling said of the honour: "I haven't been pensioned off just yet with a Lifetime Achievement Award", which was given to thriller write John Grisham last year.

The WH Smith Children's Book of the Year, meanwhile, was Horrid Henry and the Abominable Snowman.

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Monday, 7 April 2008

Who's a ratings winner for the Beeb

The BBC's new series of Doctor Who has proved to be a ratings success among British audiences.

Saturday night saw around 8.4 million viewers settle into their sofas to catch up with David Tennant and new sidekick Catherine Tate.

Although previous instalments of the Time Lord's adventures had been screened at around 19:00 BST, the first show in the new run was shown at 18:15.

Queer as Folk's Russell T Davies – now at the helm of his fourth Dr Who series – had criticised the new slot, but was proved wrong when Saturday night's episode grabbed a 39.4 per cent audience share and scooped the top spot in the evening's ratings battle.

"This is a great start for the new series of Doctor Who," remarked a BBC spokesperson.

Pointing out that comedienne Tate had successfully reprised her 2006 Christmas special role as Donna Noble, the representative continued: "The show kicked off a fantastic night of family entertainment on BBC1, which pulled in big audiences across the evening."

Other ratings winners this weekend included the BBC's Casualty, which pulled in 7.1 million viewers, and Andrew Lloyd Webber's new talent show I'd Do Anything, which had 6.8 million fans putting on the kettle and snuggling up on the sofa.

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Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Soft beds 'better for people with lower back pain'

For anyone who ever suffers from lower back pain, sleeping on a softer mattress that adapts to the body's shape could relieve you of pain and provide you with a better night's sleep.

While many people may think that it is better to sleep on a hard mattress or on the floor if suffering from a sore back, researchers found that this is something of a myth and that doing so can actually make pain worse.

Writing in the new edition of medical journal Spine, they explained that they had tested 160 patients with chronic lower back pain using three different types of beds for one month - a waterbed, a body-conforming foam mattress, and a firm futon mattress without springs.

Those on the softer mattresses were able to sleep longer and witnessed significant reductions in their back pain, while those sleeping on the firm mattress tended to have more pain after one month, and found it more difficult to sleep during the night.

The authors of the study noted that both the foam mattress and the water-bed shape themselves around the body's natural curves, placing joints under less pressure than harder mattresses.

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Pen spinning champion named in Japan

A 16-year-old student from Japan has been named as the first ever pen-spinning champion.

Reports suggest that Ryuki Omura was named the champion of the strange sport after competing in a tournament in Tokyo over the weekend.The event was organised by the Pen Spinning Association of Japan and featured the 16 finalists chosen from 276 video entries.

The entrants were then asked to showcase their pen spinning skills, and performed a host of dazzling flicks, spins and throws. People were judged on their technique and artistry.

One of the organisers, Mitsuhiro Nakamata, clarified to the Reuters news agency what it was that the judges were looking for. "The most important thing is to make the combination of tricks as smooth as possible."

He added: "Pens are always around, so you can practice and enjoy pen-spinning anytime, anywhere. If we can find a sponsor, we want to take this contest international." According to the report, toy maker Takara Tomy has already released a pen specially designed for the young sport.

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