Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Summer holiday season is just around the corner, but are you summer body ready?

After hibernating through the winter, over-indulging in delicious treats while hiding the evidence under an over-sized jumper, summer is now just around the corner – and we are NOT summer body ready!

If you’re one of many who have left the battle of the bulge to the final moments before boarding the plane, Studio is here to help you get fit in time for your flight. From getting set for the gym to bringing the work out home, we’ve come up with a list of tips to make you feel like a beach babe… not a beached whale. 

So here it is, five simple steps to the summer body you’ve been dreaming of, all you need now is a little time, motivation and will power – easy, right?


Just like a day at the office, a gym also has their very own dress code. If you want to avoid sticking out like a sore thumb, get set with the latest attire to grace the exercise scene. From Adidas to Nike and Puma, there’s loads of big named brand sportswear available to suit all budgets.

If you feel body confident, go for a pair of sleek leggings and a vest to keep cool while you burn off your winter sins. However, if you’re looking to stay in your comfort zone during your workouts, cover up in joggers and a hoody. Even if you get too warm, the more you sweat the better you’ll feel!


Become a part of the wearable tech trend by investing in a fitness watch to track your weight loss journey. From FitBit to Garmin and Tom Tom, there’s a selection of fitness trackers for sale to suit all budgets. Not only do they look stylish, these innovative watches track everything from your workouts to your daily steps, heart rate and sleeping pattern, ideal for anyone who needs to get to know their body.

As well as high tech gadgets, old favourites like weighing scales are essential for tracking your journey – even when they don’t say what you’d like them to!


Once you’re set with your swanky new sportswear and tech, it’s time to hit the gym! If you’re lucky enough to have a local gym and the time to work out, there are plenty of memberships available to motivate. Aim for between 2.5 and 3 hours of consistent exercise a week to see results!

However, if like many women you’re tied down by family life, it’s harder to find hours free to work out. But do not fear, this is where home gym equipment comes into play. There’s a huge range of cost effective gym equipment available for you to bring the work out to you. From treadmills to exercise bikes, rowers and cross trainers, you can work up a sweat without leaving the house, meaning you won’t have to find a baby sitter. Also, try cost effective options like skipping ropes and shapers, perfect for little workouts when you have a few minutes free.


When it comes to losing weight, the age-old mantra of Eat Less, Move More is not to be ignored. Forget the fad diets like Slim-Fast and Atkins, it’s all about eating healthy meals to compliment your workouts. Although planning healthy meals can be tough, especially when you have a family, there are a variety of innovative kitchen gadgets to help make healthy cooking a doddle.

From blenders for sweet smoothies on the move to vegetable steamers and air fryers for taking the guilt out of chips, there’s a massive range of options available to overhaul your meal plans.


The last step is all about the final push – if you don’t lose the weight, you won’t fit in your gorgeous new holiday clothes, simple!

Whether you want to do this step at the start or nearing the end of your weight loss journey is up to you, but fitting into new clothes is the ultimate target for anyone hitting the beach. Splash out on a range of clothes to fit your target weight, and keep it on show throughout your health kick to remind yourself daily of your target… before long you’ll be slipping into your new threads with ease!

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Holidays well spent with Studio...

The countdown to the summer holidays have officially begun, meaning the sound of the kids screaming ‘I’m bored!’ is already ringing through your ears before the school bell has even rang for the final time. If you’re dreading six weeks of restless kids, we’ve come up with a list of boredom busting activities to keep your youngsters entertained and happy, no matter what the weather throws your way.

Sunny Days Outdoors

As much as we give British weather a hard time, there are a few weeks a year when the sunshine is glorious. To make the most of these rare, sunny days, get your kids out and about with one of our exciting outdoor activities, guaranteed to let your children’s adventurous side out!

Paddling Pools
When temperatures get hotter, there’s no better way to cool down than with a paddling pool! Every generation has enjoyed filling up the paddling pool on a sunny day and kids now are no different. Buy a pool big enough for everyone to use, as they are ideal for relaxing as well as splashing around! 

A bike is one of the best investments you can buy, allowing your kids to enjoy a true sense of adventure when they’re out and about on two wheels. Whether they’re zipping up and down the street, or you take them on a trip to the local park, a bike offers endless hours of fun. 

Play Houses
Playhouses are great for getting their imaginations going, allowing them to have their own space to play and have fun while you sit back and relax in the garden. 

To keep more than one child happy, why not invest in some sports equipment to bring a little team spirit to your summer holidays. Football is the ultimate team sport if you have a garden big enough for a match, if not, why not rally the troops and head to the local park? All you need is a ball and some goal posts!

Indoors on Rainy Days

Although we hope for non-stop sunshine over the summer months, Britain has a habit of throwing lashes of rain and murky cloud our way, keeping the kids indoors as opposed to playing outside all day long. To stop them getting bored and restless, here’s a list of best buys to keep them stimulated and happy, even when they’re housebound.

Crayons, Colouring and Drawing
Colouring has been one of the best loved hobbies for generations, allowing your kids to unleash their creative sides without making an almighty mess. All you need is some crayons and plain paper, or a colouring book for kids who aren’t a big fan of drawing! 

It may be six weeks away from school, but that doesn’t mean educational activities can’t be fun. Reading is a great way to pass time and get your kids learning, all while enjoying stories about their favourite characters. 

Kinetic Sand
Kinetic Sand brings all the fun of the seaside indoors… without the mess! This magical sand sticks to itself, not your hands, all without needing to add a drop of water. Each Kinetic Sand Set comes with 1lb of sand, three moulds and a sand tray to play in, keeping the kids entertained for hours! 

Play Doh
Play Doh has been keeping kids happy for years, offering non stop creative fun without the mess. At Studio, we have loads of Play Doh sets for boys and girls to choose from, perfect for keeping them entertained for hours.

Board Games
Board games are the original rainy day activity; from Hungry Hippos to Jenga, Connect Four and Twister, there’s tonnes of different board games available to suit all kinds of kids. Buy a variety of different board games to guarantee a few hours of peace and quiet! 

No matter what the weather, you can trust Studio to keep your little ones entertained with non-stop summer fun until the school gates open again in September! Shop our range now!