Thursday, 27 June 2013

Top 3 Tablets For Kids!

Many of us own tablets. And many of us know how expensive and breakable they are, which is why we’re apprehensive to let our children mess about with them. Thankfully, companies such as Vtech, Leapfrog and Kurio have created a selection of small, hard-wearing tablets especially for children. Best of all, these tablets are not only fun, but they’re educational too, meaning you can rest easy knowing that your child is learning while playing, and not wasting their time.

Listed below (in no particular order) are the top 3 tablets for kids, all of which can be purchased from Studio. And remember, if you’re working to a tight budget, you have the option to spread the cost of a new children’s tablet with a customer account!

LeapPad 2 - £84.99

    LeapPad 2
    LeapPad 2 - £84.99
  • Front AND back cameras, both of which are 2 megapixels and can be used with a variety of apps
  • 5 inch screen
  • 4GB memory – non-expandable
  • Safe for kids – no Internet access
  • Touch screen – controlled by either a finger or a stylus pen
  • Volume control and headphone jack – so the kids can’t annoy you while you’re trying to watch TV!
  • Link the LeapPad 2 to your computer to download new games and apps
  • Comes with tons of pre-loaded apps
  • E-books promote word recognition and reading basics
LeapPad 2 Only £84.99

Innotab 2 - £64.99

    Innotab 2
    Innotab 2 - £64.99
  • 1.3 megapixel rotating camera – allows kids to take pictures of themselves or somebody else
  • Add special affects to pictures
  • Built-in microphone for enhanced gameplay and video recording
  • 5 inch touch screen
  • 2GB memory – expandable with SD card
  • Can be personalised for up to 4 users with photo wallpaper, user name, avatar and voice greeting
  • Software cartridges can be purchased – each includes an e-book, 3 games and 2 creative activities
  • Connect to the Vtech Learning Lodge Navigator to download apps and games for your Innotab
Innotab 2 Only £64.99

Kurio 7” Tablet - £139.99

    Kurio 7 Inch Tablet
    Kurio 7" Tablet
  • 7” touch screen developed specially for children
  • Comes pre-loaded with popular gaming apps such as Angry Birds and Cut the Rope
  • Connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi
  • Full parental controls and web content filtering
  • Aimed at slightly older children than both the LeapPad 2 and the Innotab 2
  • Features the Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system
  • Restrict content by age group
  • Restrict usage by setting a start and end time for the Kurio to be active each day. Children will not be able to use it outside of these time zones
Kurio 7" Tablet Only £139.99

Which One to Choose?

The LeapPad 2 and Innotab 2 both target young children and are similar in terms of design and features. The LeapPad 2 has the better specifications, but the Innotab 2 is cheaper, so it all comes down to a matter of budget when trying to distinguish between the two. With its Internet accessibility and larger screen, the Kurio is more of a family tablet that everybody can use as opposed to a children’s tablet, making it the better choice for older children over the age of 10.

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Friday, 21 June 2013

Xbox One vs PS4

Now the dust has settled on this year’s E3 conference, we can look back and reflect on the details given to us by both Microsoft and Sony regarding their new, 8th generation games consoles. The fanboys from both Team Sony and Team Microsoft were quick to raise their voices and claim victory for their side in a show of blind loyalty, but for the more objective, impartial people among you, a comparison of the 2 consoles is needed to make an informed decision. After all, a new games console is a BIG investment, so it’s important to make sure you select the right one to suit your needs!

Below, we’ve pitted both consoles against each other in a number of categories to help you determine which console is right for you. One thing’s for sure, the difference between the Xbox One and the PS4 is far greater than the difference between the Xbox 360 and the PS3, making a comparison of specs and features even more important for those people who are still on the fence.

If you’d like to pre-order the PS4 or register your interest in an Xbox One, simply follow the links below!

Xbox One
Xbox One


While both machines come with a 500GB hard drive, the PS4’s can be upgraded whereas the Xbox One’s cannot. However, the Xbox One will allow you to attach an external hard drive via the USB slot to expand its memory capacity, but we all know how expensive external hard drives can be…

Winner: PS4


Both machines come with 8GB of RAM. However, the PS4 uses GDDR5 RAM, which is faster than the Xbox One’s DDR3 RAM. Whether this makes a significant difference to gameplay or not, only time will tell. Nonetheless, the PS4 wins again.

Winner: PS4


There really isn’t much of a difference here at all. Both machines will be running AMD octa-core CPUs.


Control Pads

Many people still haven’t decided whether they prefer the Xbox 360 pad or the PS3 pad, so this debate isn’t going to get settled anytime soon considering the new generation pads are extremely similar to their predecessors! Most people’s preference usually comes down to which pad they use the most. The big difference this time around is that the PS4 controller comes with a touch pad. We’ll have to wait and see how useful this actually is though.



There’s one clear winner here. Microsoft have developed the Xbox One to be the centrepiece of every living room, meaning you’ll be able to do so much more than just play games. With the Xbox One, you can funnel live TV, watch videos on demand, talk using web chat, run multiple applications simultaneously, link your phone and tablet to your TV screen, and much, much more. The majority of Sony’s efforts have gone into gameplay.

Winner: Xbox One

Games Ownership

Neither console will impose restrictions on using and sharing games, which is a relief considering Microsoft initially wanted to restrict the re-sale of games. Both the Xbox One and the PS4 will allow you to rent, share, trade and sell your games, just like you can with the PS3 and Xbox 360.


Game Exclusives

While both consoles are offering what look to be some exceptional game exclusives, we feel that the Xbox One should win here as it has 13 titles at start-up compared to the PS4’s 5. Obviously, without playing these games it’s impossible to say how good they are, and it could well be the case that the PS4’s 5 games are better than the Xbox One’s 13. The stand-out exclusive for the Xbox One has to be Halo 5, while The Order: 1886 is generating a lot of heat for the PS4.

Winner: Xbox One

Internet Requirements

Initially, the Xbox One required a 24 hour Internet connection. Without one, you wouldn’t be able to play your games. Thankfully, Microsoft went back on these plans meaning consumers can play offline whenever they want. However, an Internet connection will be required for a one-time initial set up when you first purchase an Xbox One, which could cause massive problems for people with no Internet access. The PS4 does not require an Internet connection, even at the initial set-up stage, which is why it beats the Xbox One in this category.

Winner: PS4

Motion/Voice Controls

Microsoft have clearly put a lot of time and effort into the Kinect 2, which is probably why they’re shipping them out with every Xbox One console. Initial reviews show that the new Kinect is vastly superior to the older model and will automatically sign you in whenever you enter the room, recognise your voice, see in the dark, measure your heartbeat, track wrist and shoulder movements, and much more. The Kinect 2 will also allow you to use your voice to control menus and certain aspects of games. The PS4’s Move and Camera appears to be miles away from the Kinect 2 in terms of quality and depth of features, which explains why Sony have been rather quiet about it.

Winner: Xbox One


The good news here is that both consoles are much cheaper than we initially expected. Early reports suggested that we may be charged around £600 for both consoles, but thankfully this is not the case. A PS4 will cost you £349.99, saving you £80 in comparison to the Xbox One’s £429.99 price tag. However, do remember that the Xbox One is shipped with a highly advanced Kinect 2 sensor, which is likely to be worth more than £100.

Winner: PS4

To conclude…

We have the PS4 beating the Xbox One 5-3 in terms of the categories covered in this post, however, this doesn’t mean that it’s the better console. It all comes down to personal preference! If you’re a big gamer, then go for the PS4 as it’s likely to be slightly faster than the Xbox One, you’ll have complete ownership over your games and you won’t require a constant Internet connection. (It’s region-free too.) However, if you’re looking for a home entertainment package with advanced voice and gesture controls, then go for the Xbox One. Good luck making your decision!

To browse our full range of consoles, games and accessories, simply head over to our entertainment area today.

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Friday, 14 June 2013

Autumn Winter Book: The Highlights!

At Studio, the Autumn Winter book is one of the most anticipated catalogues of the year, offering a breathtaking selection of product ranges, from electricals and homeware to clothing, and of course, CHRISTMAS! By spreading the cost of your Christmas shopping throughout the year, you can take a great deal of stress out of the festive period and save yourself a bit of extra cash for all those Christmas and New Year parties!

Inside the catalogue you’ll discover tons of fantastic deals, designed to help make your money go further. Our ‘HOT BUY’ products offer some of the biggest discounts you’re likely to ever see and these can be found throughout the catalogue. And remember, many of our toys and gift lines can be personalised for free! Just look out for the personalisation symbol.

Listed below are handful products from the book, which we think are just too good to miss out on!

7-Piece Egyptian Cotton Towel Bale – Was £74.99 Now £14.99!

Egyptian cotton towels are thicker and have a higher thread count than standard towels, making them softer and more absorbent. Included in this super set are 2 face cloths, 2 hand towels, 2 baths towels and 1 bath sheet.

iPads – Minis: from £299.99 4th Gen: from £449.99

There’s no denying it, tablet computers are taking over, and iPads are the most popular among them. With a highly responsive touch screen interface, thousands of apps, and a stylish and compact design, the iPad can do almost everything that a laptop can do! Plus, many of our iPads come as part of a bundle package with a wealth of useful accessories.

6-Piece Luggage Set – Save £110! Only £49.99

This practical 6-piece luggage set has all your travel needs covered. With 6 different cases and bags at your disposal, there’s somewhere to store and transport all your travel essentials. The large cases are fantastic for family holidays, while the smaller cases can be used for short breaks or business trips. There’s even a toiletry bag included for keeping tablets, toothpaste, shampoo etc safe, as well as a cabin bag that is small enough to carry onto the plane or train with you.

Pifco Multi-Functional Steam Cleaner – Over 50% Off! Only £59.99

No job is too big or too small for the incredible 6-in-1 steam mop from Pifco! With 1300W of power and 6 different cleaning options at your disposal, you can clean every inch of your home with minimal effort! Tackle hard floors with the traditional steamer, bring your carpet to life with the carpet steamer, refresh your car and sofas with the upholstery head, make your windows gleam with the window cleaner, and get into all those hard to clean places with the handheld steamer. There’s even a handy garment steamer included for cleaning clothes too!

Jumbo Personalised Stocking with Free Reindeer Stocking - £9.99!

Imagine the look on your child’s face as she runs down the stairs on Christmas morning and is greeted by a HUGE stocking with their name on it! At 40”, the stocking is almost as tall as the average child, making it ideal for storing larger presents. Plus, when you purchase the jumbo stocking, we’ll send you a smaller reindeer stocking absolutely free. You could place the smaller stocking at the foot of a child’s bed and fill it with smaller gifts and sweets. And remember, our personalisation service is completely free.

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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Personalised Father’s Day Gifts From Only £3.99

Dads can be notoriously difficult to buy for. They’re much less sentimental than their female counterparts and rarely show much interest in receiving gifts. However, just because they don’t seem overly bothered by Father’s day, doesn’t mean you should go out and buy a clich├ęd gift, like a gift voucher, sweets or heaven forbid, socks! This year, get your father a truly special and unique gift from the 24studio personalised gift range. These gifts are more personal, thoughtful and loving than standard gifts, and are guaranteed to be cherished by your father for years to come. And remember, our personalisation service is completely free!

Personalised History Books

Birthday Edition- Newspaper Book £39.99

Birthday Edition Personalised Book

This personalised book features a front page newspaper reprint from the recipient’s date of birth and then every birthday thereafter. Opposite each front page reprint is a blank page that the recipient can fill with photos and messages that relate to that year. Includes name (22 characters) and message (150 characters) on title page. The date (dd/mm/yy) is also required.

History of Your Favourite Football Club £39.99

History of Your Favourite Football Club

With 61 teams to choose from, including giants such as Man Utd and smaller clubs such as Burnley, this fantastic personalised football book recounts the history of your father’s favourite team. The title page can be personalised with a team, name (22 characters max.) and a message (150 characters max.)

History of a Decade Book £14.99

History of a Decade Book

Reminisce about the events of your favourite decade, as reported in the Daily Mirror at the time. These fascinating scrapbook style books are finished in smart shiny black soft back covers. 70 pages + in each book. Choose from 5 decades 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s or 70s.

Personalised Alcohol Sets

Personalised Guinness Set
Personalised Guinness Set
Personalised Baileys Set
Personalised Baileys Set
Personalised Beers Of The World Set
Personalised Beers Of The World Set

Whatever your dad’s favourite tipple is, be it Baileys, lager, Guinness or wine, you’re sure to find a personalised alcohol set to put a smile on his face at Studio. Included in the set are 1 or more bottles of alcohol plus a stylish glass, which can be personalised with a name of up to 11 letters. Some sets, such as the Guinness set, permit you to add a short message to the glass as well.

Personalised Leather Wallets

Personalised Gents
Leather Message Wallet £3.99
Personalised Black Leather Wallet
Personalised Black
Leather Wallet £9.99

With a personalised gent’s leather wallet, you’ll always be in your father’s thoughts when he draws out money or goes to pay for something. To make the wallet extra personal, consider placing a photograph of yourself or the family in the designated photo slot. Our £3.99 wallets can be personalised with a 3 line with up to 18 letters per line (including spaces.) Our £9.99 wallets can be personalised with up to 3 initials.

Personalised Pen Sets

Personalised Pen Set
Personalised Pen Set
Personalised 2-Piece Pen Set
Personalised 2-Piece Pen Set
Personalised Pouch & Pen
Personalised Pouch & Pen

If your dad is a bit old fashioned and still prefers writing letters and notes using pen and paper, then consider buying him a personalised pen set. They make special gifts that can be used for a lifetime, plus, with a name on either the box or the pen, they’re much less likely to be stolen!

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