Monday, 7 January 2013

UGG Boots: 5 Myths Dispelled!

Since their monumental rise to fame in the mid 2000s, UGG boots have had to ride a wave of constant criticism and stand by and watch as their name gets dragged mercilessly through the dirt. But have these attacks been justified? Absolutely not. The fact of the matter is, many people are too quick to jump on the bandwagon and bad-mouth a product which may they may not like the look of, but actually know nothing about.
Listed below are 5 of the most common myths surrounding UGG boots and the reasons why they simply aren't true.

UGGs Are Only Worn By Chavs And Scallies 
WRONG. UGG boots are worn universally by a wide range of social classes, including celebrities. If you don’t believe me, then check out this article from ‘The Fashion Spot’ which shows a number of high calibre celebs sporting their favourite pair of UGG boots. Just because a small proportion of the more undesirable members of society choose to wear a certain product, doesn't mean that the product should be instantly stigmatised and stereotyped.

UGGs Are Bad For Your Feet 
This is true IF you choose to purchase a pair of cheap, synthetic UGG boots from a phony Internet auction, back of a van or dodgy discount store. Rip-off UGGs are not made from the same material as the originals and are much less comfortable. The cheap material doesn't allow air to circulate, which causes a build up of moisture and bad odours inside the boot. Do you really want the deathly stench of moist feet bombarding your nostrils every time you take your UGGs off? Genuine UGGs are made from authentic sheepskin, which allows air to circulate freely and also provides a wealth of health benefits, such as:
  • Activating blood circulation and immune system 
  • Aiding the healing of sensitive skin or rashes
  • Dirt and bacteria resistant 
Put your mind at rest that the UGGs you are buying are genuine -  how to spot fake UGG boots,

UGGs Are Only Worn By Women
Another completely false statement. The original UGG boots, when released in the 1960s, were created by men for men. It’s only in recent times, with rising UGG popularity in Europe and the USA, that they have become more of a female-lead fashion statement. UGG boots are incredibly practical and comfortable and it would be unfair to let only one half of our species reap the benefits! 

UGGs Are For Winter 
People that make this kind of sweeping statement clearly have a profound misunderstanding about the history of UGG boots and the material they are made from. Yes, UGGs are fantastic in the colder months as the sheepskin fabric keeps your feet warm and don’t allow moisture in, but the inner lining also allows air to circulate freely in warmer conditions, which keeps your feet cool and sweat-free. Remember, the first UGG boots were made for Australian surfers! If you can’t imagine UGG boots on the sand, then pay a visit to an Australian or Californian beach. You’ll see plenty there, believe me!

You Can Wash UGGs In The Washing Machine 
This is false for the most part. It’s highly advisable to NOT put your UGGs in the washing machine as sheepskin is quite delicate and you run the risk of the fabric cracking and peeling. You should treat your UGG boots like delicate woollen jumpers and hand-wash or dry clean them. It may be more convenient and time-saving to just bung your UGG boots in the washing machine, but is it worth potentially destroying something that you’ve paid good money for? If you’re unsure about how to go about washing your UGGs, then have a look at this helpful YouTube tutorial on how to wash your UGG boots