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A Man’s Guide To Valentine’s Day: 5 Useful Tips

For many men, Valentine’s Day doesn't signify love, lust and happiness. Oh no. It signifies frustration, bankruptcy and a crushed soul. This isn't because women are evil or greedy, it’s simply because many men don’t know how to approach the day and don’t understand what a woman really wants. A simple solution to avoid all the hassle would be to dump your girlfriend or file for divorce. However, if you’re not willing to take such a huge step, then you can put the below tips into action and have a Valentine’s Day that you and your partner might actually enjoy.

1. Be Creative

If you only take one tip from this blog, then make sure it’s this one. Coming up with something original that nobody’s done before will score you some major points. I'm not going to tell you what these original ideas are because that would completely undermine my point, however, a poem, song or hand-made gift might be things to consider. Be warned though, some girls may find these ideas too soppy and end up laughing square in your face. Know your audience.

Stewie: Be Creative
Do not buy chocolates or flowers as the main gift. Sure, they make nice, little extras, but just buying these absolutely reeks of unoriginality. Your woman will not be impressed. The aim here is to sweep her away on a tide of imagination, not drown her in a sea of clichés.

2. Don’t Buy Clothes

Please, think long and hard before buying your partner clothes for Valentine’s Day. Only do so if you’re 1,000,000% positive that you know their favourite colours, styles, brands and more importantly, make sure you've got the size right. Many a good man has fallen through buying clothes which are a size too big for their partner. It’s literally the worst thing you can do. If you have a death wish and are hell-bent on buying clothes, then make sure you keep the receipt, as she’ll probably want to return whatever you've bought. And don’t buy something which she can use to kill you in your sleep.


3. Take The Lead

Kiss The Cook
It’s important to not take a back seat and let your lady make all the Valentine’s Day plans. She wants her man to be a man, she wants to be told where to be and when to be there. It’s just more romantic that way. So make sure YOU book the restaurant if you’re going out for a meal and make sure YOU cook the food and tell her what time to be at yours if you’re staying in. However, don’t start barking out orders like some kind of psychopathic, demon headmaster. That won’t go down well and you’ll probably get a slap.

4. Spend Within Your Limits

Spend Contrary to popular belief, most women don’t actually want to be showered in extravagant gifts. Creative (there’s that word again), thoughtful and personal gifts are much more important to them. So save yourself some money and cook a nice meal and make her a card with your own bare hands. If you are going to splash out the cash then make sure you get something that speaks to her personality. Don’t spend a stupid amount of money just because you can. That won’t impress her all that much, unless she’s incredibly shallow.

5. Don’t Leave It Until The Last Minute

I know what you’re thinking. You’re going to nip into your local petrol station or corner shop on the evening of February the 13th and pick up some last-minute desperation gifts. But what exactly are you hoping to find in these places? A cheap, nasty bottle of wine? A box of milk tray? A Ginster’s pasty? All these gifts are fine if you hate your woman, but if you want to impress her and do something special then you’ll need adequate planning time. Remember, most decent restaurants get booked up pretty quickly in the run up to Valentine’s Day, so move fast or you might end up spending the evening in Burger King. Also, delivery times can be quite erratic on the run up to Valentine’s Day, so make sure you allow adequate time for gifts to be delivered.

Gift Ideas

If you’re really stuck for ideas and need a bit of inspiration, then have a look at the list of gifts below. These are all great ideas, but you should still try and come up with something original to complement them.

Hopefully you'll now have some great Valentines Gift Ideas, so now it's time to shop! Shop today from our Valentines Day Gift Range

Valentines Gift Ideas

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