Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Wooden Advent Calendars Only £14.99

An Advent calendar is a special kind of calendar designed to count down the days until Christmas, they are used both by both religious and non-religious people to count down the 24 days until Christmas.

Historically Advent Calendars were religious calendars, but nowadays most Advent Calendars are designed with kids in mind, and are usually mass produced by big confectionery companies. These such calendars usually depict images of popular kids characters such as Hello Kitty and Fireman Sam and include a chocolate behind every door.

Some people prefer perpetual calendars that they can use year after year. Usually such perpetual Advent Calendars are made out of wood or felt or fleece material and have 24 doors, pockets or slots where you can place treats such as chocolate coins, badges, stickers or tiny pocket money toys.

This Christmas Tree Wooden Advent Cabinet makes a lovely Christmas Decoration which can be treasured and used year after year.

Just pop a surprise into each drawer of the Christmas Tree and you're ready for Advent!

Was £19.99. Now Only £14.99

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