Friday, 11 November 2011

Spread The Cost - Amazon Kindle £89

The innovative Amazon Kindle with WiFi is changing the way we read! It can be read in direct sunlight without glare due to the revolutionary E ink screen that delivers 50% better contrast and eliminates eye strain.

The Kindle eReader can be customised to your specific preference, with appealing fonts, fast page turning capabilities, and it can hold up to 1,400 books! It has a 6" reading screen, weighs less than a paperback and fits in your pocket.

Read many thousands of pages with just one battery charge, as the Kindle Wireless battery life lasts up to one month, while its built-in Wi-Fi abilities allow effortless cable-free connection via hotspots.

You can gain access to the Kindle store and its vast collection of books using your home network - each book can be downloaded in as little as 60 seconds!

You'll also get an automatic on-line back-up of all your Kindle e-Book purchases, an improved PDF reader, built in dictionary, notes and highlights and integrated social media functions that let you easily share great quotes and passages with friends and family. Even read in bed at night with quieter page turn buttons that let you read the night through without disturbing your partner!

With all these incredible features the Amazon Kindle with WiFi will provide hours of reading entertainment! Priced at only £89!

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