Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Helena 'eats like a pig'

Helena Christensen has claimed that she loves food and spends much of her time eating.

The Danish supermodel – who dated INXS singer Michael Hutchence before he passed away in 1997 – is the envy of women the world over for her svelte figure.

However, the fashion star said she is just lucky to have such a body and puts it down to having a fast metabolism.

"I eat more than anyone I know," she told InStyle. "I'm obsessed! [Food] takes up about 75 per cent of my brain. I eat like a pig."

Helena added that she still maintains a strict exercise regime to make sure her health is not compromised.

Since turning 40 last December, the former Miss Denmark has claimed she is in better shape now than when she was 25.

Elsewhere, the model recently revealed she has never lived with a man, despite a string of romances.

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