Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Amy Winehouse spends £2m on home studio

Amy Winehouse has reportedly splashed out £2 million on a home recording studio for her London home.

The erratic singer – who has just returned from a lengthy holiday in the Caribbean – recently admitted she was having difficulty composing material for her much-anticipated third album.

"I don't know when I will have something. I'm not feeling creative. I start things but I don't finish them," she told the Mirror.

According to the newspaper, the Back To Black star is installing state-of-the-art recording equipment in her mansion in the suburb of High Barnet.

It is thought that she will also complete work on sessions with Quincy Jones and producer Mark Ronson, which were cut short when she was admitted to rehab.

Meanwhile, it has emerged that the singer is returning to St. Lucia to headline the island's 18th annual jazz festival.

The slot was reportedly negotiated when she was on holiday on the island during the early part of this year.

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