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Christmas Gift Buying Guide

Inspiration For Christmas Gifts

Thinking of ideas for the perfect present can be tricky, no matter who it is for. Your budget will probably be one of the main factors, so once you know how much you have to spend on each gift, this will help narrow down your final choice. Next, narrow it down to something relevant to the recipient. Choosing the perfect gift can be tricky, and it is easy to get it wrong. The key is to do your research: think about the things they buy for themselves, their hobbies, interests and personal style. Try not to be swayed by your own tastes and preferences, and avoid household and kitchen items unless they have specifically asked for them.

Gifts For Children

  • Browse Christmas catalogues and magazines for inspirational articles and ideas - newspapers will often publish 'most wanted this Christmas' lists in the run up to Christmas too. This will help you figure out what this year's 'must-have' toy is, and whether or not it is in your budget.
  • Pre-School children tend to like the toys that relating to characters from their favourite kids TV programme or films, such as Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig, Dora, Minions, Despicable Me and more.
  • If they already have a doll's house, you could create a hamper or gift bag of assorted accessories and doll's clothing. Or if they already own a garage or car set, you could consider adding to their car collection. These are inexpensive ways to help them get more fun from toys they already own. Remote control toys, such as cars, helicopters and boats are always a safe bet with younger children too.
  • Role play products, such as kitchens, washing machines, cookers, shopping carts, prams and dolls are guaranteed to keep younger children quiet for hours, and give the child a sense of responsibility.
  • Barbie may have been around since 1959, but her products are still as popular as ever.
  • Football related products such as boot bags, table football and personalised pyjamas are always worth considering as gifts. Just make sure you select the right team!
  • Children's electrical gadgets such as the V-Tech InnoTab Max do not only provide hours on entertainment but are educational too. These products are generally aimed at children aged between 3 and 10 years old.
  • It's always more difficult to shop for older children, if you're truly stuck for ideas, or you want to contribute financially to a bigger present they're saving for why not put some money in a money wallet. You can still get them something to unwrap by filling a gift bag filled with fruity flavoured toiletries, hair bands, clips, lip balms, sweets, stickers or novelties
  • Personalise it - for truly unique and memorable gifts, consider taking advantage of our free personalisation service, which is available on a whole host of products. Personalised chairs, pyjamas and animal onesies are a handful of the most popular personalised products for children at Studio.
  • If you have a bit of extra cash to spend on gifts, then games consoles and games are guaranteed to put a smile on most children (or grown men's) faces. Check out the PS4 and the Xbox One, both of which are now available to order.

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Gifts For Babies

  • For a baby's first Christmas, personalised gifts are always a great idea. You might want to consider a 'baby's first Christmas' bauble or stocking or even something more intimate and personal, like a handprint set. These gifts will last a lifetime and be cherished as the baby grows older.
  • Toys which aid development are also fantastic Christmas gift ideas. Walk mats and baby walkers encourage a baby to walk its first steps with bright colours and engaging music.
  • Soothing, night-time toys are very popular. Cuddly toys which glow in the dark and play relaxing music are an ideal way to help a baby drift off into a peaceful sleep.
  • If you're working on a tight budget and looking for a more affordable gift plush toys, rattles and baby clothes are good options to consider.

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Christmas Gifts For Ladies

Treat the lady or ladies in your life to something really special - here are some ideas.

  • Clothing is a good option if you know her style, and more importantly, her size! Do your research before buying to avoid embarrassing mistakes.
  • If clothing is too risky, some easier options are accessories such as hats, gloves and scarves which do not usually have precise sizing, and will get immediate use in the colder weather.
  • Handbags are usually well-received - again, a little research can go a long way. Look for a style she likes, or perhaps she always chooses the same size or type of fastening. Does she have a favourite handbag that is looking a little tired? If you are still not sure, there are some great, funky shopping bags available. Or, for a glamorous lady, look for a stylish evening bag to match one of her favourite outfits, or in a neutral colour such as black or silver.
  • Jewellery - if she likes and wears jewellery, this is always a good option. Bracelets and pendants suit everyone, and if she has pierced ears, this gives you even more options. The good thing about jewellery is that there are thousands of styles and designs in different materials and colours, so you will always find something different, whatever the budget.
  • Cosmetics and toiletries are a good choice: most ladies welcome a pampering treat, especially if you can select a brand you know they like. Spa days and Experience Days are also worth considering; they provide a fun, relaxing day out and generally aren't too expensive. Make-up and hair care products can also be a nice idea, especially if you choose more luxurious branded products that they would not normally buy for themselves. Perfume and fragrance gift sets are available in abundance in the run up to Christmas, so there is plenty to choose from no matter what your budget.
  • Books - if she likes to read, book tokens or gift vouchers might be just what she'd like. If you are confident you know her reading tastes, you could even choose a book for her. Consider other books you remember her reading - did she like them? Is there a sequel or set? Autobiographies make great Christmas gifts, as long as she is interested in the author - try to think about famous names she admires. Check the current best-sellers list for inspiration. If your budget allows, you could consider an e-reader such as an Amazon Kindle. They fit comfortably in a bag or suitcase and allow you to carry around an entire library of books!
  • Personalise it - for something special that she will treasure, put her name on it. There are all kinds of personalised gifts available for ladies, from engraved wine glasses to purses and bags. Or how about a personalised bathrobe, perfect for snuggling into after a pampering session.
  • Hobbies, sports and pastimes can generate ideas - if she enjoys the gym, perhaps a new gym bag or mp3 player to make her workouts more enjoyable.
  • Memories are always good inspiration for really special gifts. Consider past conversations: does she reminisce about places she used to go, things she used to do, a film or book from the past, or perhaps some music she used to love? This can be a good source of ideas if you need inspiration.
  • Alcohol can be a welcome gift. Choose a bottle of her favourite tipple, and be sure to spend more than she normally would, for a luxury treat. Many of our alcohol gift sets can be personalised free of charge!
  • If your budget permits, there are lots of experience days and treats that can be arranged - treat her to a balloon ride, a makeover or photoshoot - or perhaps she would prefer to take a drive in a sports car...
  • Stocking filler suggestions for ladies: socks, tights, lip balms, hairbrushes and styling accessories, make-up brushes, chocolate treats.

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Christmas Gifts For Men

For the men or man in your life, if you are struggling for inspiration, how about some of these ideas:
  • Clothing is always a safe option - if you know what size to buy. Do your research and make sure you know his size before you go shopping, to avoid embarrassment on the day.
  • Books - if he enjoys reading, book tokens or gift vouchers might be just what he would like most. If you are confident you know his favourite author or reading tastes, you could even choose a book. Consider other books he has read recently and whether he enjoyed them? If there is a sequel or set, you could buy the next instalment as a gift. Autobiographies make great Christmas gifts, as long as he is interested in the author - try to think about famous names he admires or has shown an interest in. Check the current best-sellers list for inspiration. If your budget allows, you could even consider an e-reader such as an Amazon Kindle, which opens up a whole world of reading possibilities.
  • Hobbies, sports and pastimes can be great for generating ideas - if he plays football or supports a particular football or rugby teams, a sporting gift may be perfect could be a good place to start. If he is sporty, perhaps a new gym bag or accessory would be welcome.
  • Check out the PS4 and the Xbox One, both of which are available to order.
  • Gadgets are always a popular choice at Christmas. This could be an electronic device, if your budget allows, or perhaps a DIY tool or gadget. Some of the most popular gadgets include Amazon Kindles, iPads, digital cameras and game consoles.
  • Alcohol can be a welcome gift if he likes a drink, simply find out his favourite tipple, buy a bottle or crate and tie a ribbon around it. Many of our alcohol gift sets can be personalised free of charge!
  • For older recipients who seem to 'have everything', food and drink gifts are a safe bet. Consider creating a customised hamper of luxury produce for a special treat.
  • Memories are always good inspiration for really special gifts. Consider past conversations - does he reminisce about places he has visited, things he used to do, films they have watched, a concert they went to? This can be a good source of ideas if you need inspiration.
  • Personalise it - for something he will treasure, put his name on it. You can personalise all kinds of gift with his name or initials. A personalised wallet is an inexpensive Christmas present, or you could opt for a drinking glass engraved with his name.
  • If your budget allows, consider giving them a once in a lifetime experience with the gift of an Experience Day - you can purchase vouchers entitling him to an experience he won't forget, such as driving a sports car, flying an aeroplane, or active activities like paintballing.
  • Stocking filler suggestions for men: socks, underwear, pens, tools and gadgets, shaving / grooming products and accessories, chocolate, confectionery.

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Other Christmas Gift Ideas

Some other ideas for Christmas presents
  • Secret Santa is a popular idea, especially in offices or workplaces. Names are drawn from a hat, and each person buys a gift for the person they have selected at random. Secret Santa gifts have a fixed budget, usually around £5.00, so the fun is in the challenge of choosing a cheap gift for that person. Depending on the recipient, and the type of workplace, the gifts may be jokey or may be more thoughtful. Tailor the gift to the recipient - if they have a sense of humour then a novelty gift will be perfect, otherwise choose something generic that will not cause offence. Great ideas for gifts around the £5.00 mark include stationery, food, drink, calendars, books and novelties, but, of course, you can choose almost anything as long as it is within the set budget.
  • There is a growing trend for giving Christmas gifts for pets, and these range from inexpensive treats and nibbles to more luxurious accessories. Look for cat and dog selection packs, or how about a personalised rug, bed or food bowl for your pet?

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