Thursday, 6 November 2014

Choosing a Christmas Tree

Many people see the Christmas tree as the most important of all their Christmas decorations, and I can see why, as they do tend to be the biggest decoration in the house (and the decoration you put all the Christmas presents under).

Most people have a distinct style of Christmas Tree, often favouring the same sort of style year after year, although there are some people who change their Christmas Tree year after year following the different trends. Do you remember a few years ago when one of the high street stores featured upside down Christmas Trees in their shop windows? The country went mad for them! At 24studio we have a great range of Christmas Trees available to choose from, many of which cater for small or limited spaces. We've detailed our range of space saving and alternative Christmas Trees in our Christmas Trees for Small Spaces post.

A lot of people still love the tradition of having a real tree. Real Christmas Trees fill your home with a nostalgic seasonal aroma! They are also renewable, recyclable and while they’re growing they provide habitats for wildlife and absorb carbon dioxide and other gases. Real trees don't need to be packed away when the decorations are taken down either!

Choosing a real Christmas tree can be a daunting task if you don’t know what you are looking for, as some real trees apparently don’t shed needles, while others do, so if you've got a pet its best to try and find one that retains its needles. Here's a useful article on Choosing a Christmas tree if you need help and advice, or if you're looking for a tree you can re-use year after year take a look at our Christmas Tree buying guide for some handy shopping tips.

Shop from our Christmas range today. We stock a vast range of artificial, LED, traditional, pre-lit Christmas and space saving Trees.

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