Friday, 12 August 2011

The Original Cadbury Chocolate Machine Money Box

The essential present!

This is a favourite that many people will remember from their childhood, and a great way to encourage children to save money.
The Cadburys Chocolate Machine Money Box is filled with 20 Dairy Milk Miniatures, each one only being dispensed when a 10p piece is fitted in the slot. The money can be retrieved later by removing the back. As well as being a delight to almost any child, this would make a great retro present for any adult. Our Price £7.99
To make your gift even better, dont forget the Cadbury Minis Refillable Pack, Our Price £2.49, they fit perfectly into the Cadburys Chocolate Machine, so you can save, and eat, and refil, and save and eat time after time! Perfect.

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