Monday, 22 February 2010

Caretaker opens vacuum cleaner museum

A caretaker has opened a museum dedicated to vacuum cleaners.

The Daily Telegraph reports that 30-year-old James Brown from Nottinghamshire has been surprised that so many people have visited the exhibition.

Brown, known as 'Mr Vacuum Cleaner', opened the museum because he has always been "fascinated" by the appliances.

"My mum probably thought I'd grow out of it, but once I got my hands on our Electrolux I knew I never wanted to let go," he explained. "We had a home help, but she didn't get to do much vacuuming."

Brown, who had 30 vacuum cleaners by the time he reached his teens, added: "I suppose you could say that vacuum cleaners took over my life. I loved the look, the feel, the sound of them. You can't really explain it to people who don't have the same enthusiasm. It's like some people love vintage cars or clocks. For me it was vacuum cleaners."

Brown also revealed that he can identify a vacuum cleaner blindfolded because he knows the different sounds that they make.

The new museum is housed in the sales and repair shop Brown runs in Eastwood, Nottinghamshire.

"I got a grant from the Prince's Trust to open it and I thought it would be good to keep the collection there, so I opened the museum," he said. "To be honest I didn't think there'd be so much interest."
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