Monday, 30 June 2008

Eavis says Noel Gallagher can take a joke

Glastonbury organiser Michael Eavis thinks Noel Gallagher will be able to take a joke after Jay-Z poked fun at his comments onstage.

The superstar rapper entered to a backing tape of the Oasis star's suggestions that hip hop does not belong at the event, following up with a rendition of their hit song Wonderwall.

However, Eavis was confident that Gallagher would be able to take such antics in his stride.

"Jay-Z's intro tape was great, wasn't it?" he said.

"Noel can take it, they're tough fellas, aren't they? They used to work on a building site, didn't they? They can handle it. They're good friends of ours though, they've helped us a lot in the past the Gallagher brothers, I'm not going to slag them off.

Eavis claimed the rapper's performance proved the doubters wrong, declaring it "a real triumph".

The Verve drew the festival to a close last night with their headline slot on the Pyramid Stage.

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