Tuesday, 29 April 2008

A Wii Product Review

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Great product,

Wii TreeHaving gained a few pounds over the years and as someone who finds exercise boring I took a bit of a flyer on the wii fit. Now having used it for a weekend I can confirm the product is fantastic; best £70 I have ever spent - It simply makes exercise a real laugh. You can hoola hoop, go jogging, ski jump, do a bit of yoga, practice your football heading - but watch out if you are rubbish, you'll get a few teddies and football boots thrown at you for good measure!

Wii BoardOn a more serious note the board calculates your BMI works out your weight and is intuitive to ensure you don't over do it. It also tracks your progress and makes recommendations on how you might help yourself to get fitter. Plus don't worry if you don't want others knowing all your personal details (such as your weight), you can password protect your details so only you can see them.

Wii Fit BoxIn short its a great product that makes exercise fun and will (if you let them) have the rest of the family in stitches as they watch you go ass over tip on the ski jump, or get smacked in the head with a football boot.

Well done Nintendo, another product that it well worthy of the hype - and there's not many of those these days.

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