Tuesday, 16 April 2019

The Parent Files - Clever Travelling with Kids

Everyone loves a good summer holiday but let’s face it, travelling with kids can be tricky. Take the pain out of your trip with our Studio top tips for a tantrum-free break.

Pack the Snacks
Hungry children are much more likely to melt down so keep a good supply of snacks/drinks to hand. If you're heading somewhere warm choose items that won’t melt or spoil in the sun - crackers, biscuits and dried fruit are all good options. Freeze bottles/cartons of drink before you leave home to keep them fresh for longer.

Unwrap a Treat
Keep little ones amused with their own lucky dip ‘treat bag’. Wrap up small, cheap pressies like yo-yos, pens or stickers and let them dig deep and choose one when they get bored.

Open Up a Lego Station
Everything is awesome, if you can keep the kids busy with their very own Lego travel station. Fill a clean, soft top sandwich box (pick one with a handle so children can carry it themselves) with a selection of their favourite pieces, throw in a couple of small bases and figures then sit back and enjoy the peace!

Colour the Day Away
Kids love to colour and an old DVD case makes a brilliant portable art set. Fill one side with crayons or pencils (avoid felt tips in case they stain clothing or surroundings!) and the other with paper. Add some stickers for an extra treat and another five minutes’ quiet time.

Charge Up
Gadgets are a godsend when you’re travelling but can cause problems when they run down. Invest in a power pack to make sure you stay juiced up on the move.

It’s in the Bag
Travel games are great for keeping the whole family amused, without taking up too much room. Choose mini, card-based versions of old favourites like Monopoly or try out newer games like Dobble or Bananagram. Perfect for car journeys or long airport waits!

Studio Insider Nazrin Ali gives her top tips for travelling with young children
For me the biggest pain point when travelling with kids comes from having to trawl through your case to find a missing clean baby grow, new pair of socks or emergency Calpol. On a holiday to Lanzarote last year, our littlest became unwell on the transfer from the airport to apartment and it was a nightmare having to unpack the whole case to find clean clothes.
I definitely learnt the hard way and now to ensure a stress-free holiday, I use small wash bags or see through, zip lock bags, to break items down in sections rather than packing everything together. That way I can quickly grab whole outfit changes in an emergency without unpacking everything in the case.

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