Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Christmas Games - For the Home and the Workplace

Christmas is all about having fun, letting your hair down and being happy. So whether you’re at home with the family or at work with your colleagues, make the most of the festive season by playing a game or two! Just make sure you get permission from your boss first…

Here are some of 24studio’s favourite Christmas games:

Secret Santa
A Christmas classic that we’ve all taken part in at some point. Everybody draws a name from a hat and buys a gift for their selected person, usually for the value of £5 or £10. The gift is left anonymous, creating the ‘secret’ element.

But why not put a bit of a spin on it? A good idea is to put each person’s year of birth next to their name. When somebody pulls a name out of the hat, they have to buy that person a gift relating to that year!

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secret santa

The Santa Hat Game
This one’s great for the office. Everybody is given a Santa hat to wear, and one person is designated as the leader. The leader chooses when to remove their hat, and when they do, everybody else in the room must follow them. The last person with their hat still on is the loser! Punish them by making them dance or sing a Christmas song.

Find Your Christmas Carol
If you’re looking for a game with a bit of embarrassment involved, then this is the one for you. Start by getting together an even number of players. Then, take an equal number of slips of paper and write the names of popular Christmas carols or songs on them. Note, there should be 2 slips for each carol or song. Put the slips in a hat.

Everybody draws a slip from the hat and must start humming their carol. The aim of the game is to identify the person humming the same tune as you! When you find them, you must both shout Merry Christmas! The winners are the first pair to identify each other.

Christmas Guess Who
Another office favourite. Everybody brings in a photo of themselves as a baby or toddler (preferably in a Christmas environment) and sticks it to a wall or hangs it from a string. Number the photos, then get every person to write down on a piece of paper who they think each photo is. The person to get the most correct, wins!

Rudolph’s Antlers
Start by blowing up a load of balloons. Then, give each player a pair of tights. The aim of the game is for each player to fill up both legs of their tights with balloons, and then wear the tights on their head like a pair of reindeer antlers. The first person to do so, wins! The last person to do it is the loser. Make sure you punish them with a Christmas-based forfeit!

Name the Song
If you know any music lovers at home or at work, then this is the game for them. People get into teams of no more than 4, then the game ‘host’ plays the introduction to a selection of songs. The teams must then guess the songs. The team to get the most correct, wins! It might be a good idea to use Christmas songs to creative a festive vibe.

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