Tuesday, 14 January 2014

World Day of the Snowman – 18th January

Marshmallow Snowman
It may be World Day of the Snowman on the 18th January, but according to theweatheroutlook.com there will be little chance of snow away from the high ground in the north, which is great for people in the North of Scotland, but not so much so for the rest of the country who may want to celebrate World Day of the Snowman by building a Snowman.

World Day of the Snowman It is observed for several reasons, if you look at the figure 18 it looks like a snowman with a broomstick. Also, the snowman is a universal symbol of all of the fun you have during winter! So don’t sit and dread the cold season, celebrate it with World Snowman Day (not to mention the fact that it falls on a Saturday)!

If there is no chance of you being able to build a snowman on World Day of the Snowman then why not plan a snowman centred activity.

Here are my top ten ideas of how to truly celebrate World Day of the Snowman:

  1. Watch Raymond Brigg’s The Snowman, a beautiful 26 minute animated film that is wordless, like the book, apart from the song “Walking in the Air”.

  2. Watch the Snowman and the SnowDog, which was created to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the original.

  3. Listen to Walking in the Air
  4. Create your own Snowman comic strip using Bitstrips or a Comic Creator App.
  5. If you bought a snowman t-shirt or Jumper at Christmas why not dig it out and wear it on World Day of the Snowman (I know I will be doing).
  6. Activity Village have a whole range of Snowman themed activities to keep you and the kids entertained, from snowman colouring pages, snowman crafts, snowman printables, snowman games and snowman puzzles.
  7. Build a snowman online
  8. Play a snowman game
  9. Make a marshmallow Snowman
  10. If you are lucky enough and it has snowed here’s a great video on how to build the perfect snowman.

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