Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Top Ten Kitchen Gadgets - All Under £10

Making a "proper" meal can be chore-some task to say the least, it can be so daunting simply due to the amount of preparation that needs to be put into some meals, and for me, when it comes to creating new and exciting meals in the kitchen, its all about the gadgets! I love anything that will make peeling, chopping, stirring and carving a whole lot easier.

I've listed below my top ten favourite kitchen gadgets, and the great news is that they are all under £10!
Top Ten Kitchen Gadgets - All Under £10
  1. This Super Stirrer is fantastic, it stirs automatically, making stirring soups, stews and thick sauces quicker and easier. The Super Stirrer has 3 prongs with silicone feet to make sure that nothing sticks to the bottom of the pan while also protecting the bottom of the pan from potential scratches. Now Only £3.99
  2. This Lime Green Pasta Magic is a pretty funky contraption, you simply fill the Pasta Magic with pasta and boiling water, secure the thermal wrap to preserve the heat and then leave until ready. Once cooked simply drain the excess water away through the lid! This is going to revolutionise my work day lunches and at only £5.99 it's tempting to buy 2 of them.
  3. Chopping has never been so easy! This Morphy Richards Mini Chopper is super stylish, easy to use and parts are dishwasher safe, and is pretty stylish too, available in a choice of red and cream for only £9.99.
  4. This Multi Chopper is probably the most versatile chopper you will have in your kitchen. It's ideal for a whole host of vegetables and fruit, just place and press, it's that simple! Now Only £6.99
  5. Carve away with this Russell Hobbs Electric carving Knife, it'll make light work of bread, meat, and anything else food related that you'd want to carve. There's a whopping 83% off the original selling price too, it's only £9.99
  6. I find opening cans and tins the conventional way so difficult, it may be because i'm left handed, or it might be that i'm not that strong, but this Pifco Battery Operated Can Opener solves that problem, it's so simple to use, you just place the can opener on top of the can, press the button and round it goes. It's now only £7.99 too.
  7. Chopping up a pineapple can be a nightmare, but with this Pineapple Corer you'll be able to peel, core and slice a pineapple in seconds, and with so much less mess! Only £4.99.
  8. Cook rice the easy way with this 1 Litre Rice Cooker It's now only £9.99 too, saving you an impressive 75%
  9. Get in the party mood with this Elgento Cocktail Maker! it comes with 20 cocktail recipes, so you'll be able to make your favourite cocktail and a few new ones too. Only £9.99
  10. I could not go back to conventional salt and petter pots after using Electric Salt & Pepper Grinders, they are so, so simple to use and make grinding salt and pepper on your meal effortless! Once you try them you won't want to go back! Now Only £5.99

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