Friday, 13 December 2013

Christmas Jumper Day: Friday the 13th

On Friday the 13th, instead of worrying about silly superstitions, why not make the world better with a funky Christmas sweater! By wearing a bit of festive knitwear and texting WOOLY to 70050, you can donate £1 to the Save the Children charity and help save the lives of thousands of children across the globe. So whether you’re at work, school, Uni or somewhere else, make sure you show your support with a Christmas jumper.

You can purchase a jumper here

OR, if you’re feeling creative, you could make your own!

If you’d like a bit of inspiration, here are the top 5 Christmas jumpers that we’ve discovered on the web:

1. The ‘Couples’ Jumpers

2. The ‘Illuminated’ Jumper

3. The ‘I don’t understand what this is’ Jumper

4. The ‘Giant Candy Cane’ Jumper

5. The ‘Joy’ Jumper

And for further ideas, check out this ‘Ugly Christmas Jumper’ fashion show!

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