Friday, 17 May 2013

Camping Survival Guide

With the recession making money tighter than ever, many of us are now choosing to holiday in the UK. For those among us who are used to going abroad every year, staying at home may seem slightly odd and uninspiring. However, Britain actually has a lot to offer! There are stunning coastlines, rolling hills, charming nature parks, and some of the world’s best music festivals. And remember, if you holiday at home, you won’t need a passport, travel insurance or any injections!

Whether you’re looking to go crazy at a music festival or simply relax in the beautiful, British countryside, we’ve got an amazing range of camping essentials available, designed to help make this year’s camping holiday one to remember.

Sleeping Essentials

Highland Trail Andes 6-Person Tent

The most important thing you’ll need to remember when camping is a tent. Without one, you’ll probably end up sleeping under a rock. Your tent will be your home for the duration of your holiday, so it’s important to make sure you choose the right one to suit your needs. For a festival, a simple 2 or 4 man tent should suffice. However, for family holidays, a 6 man tent will offer the kind of space required to ensure maximum comfort. Purchasing a small tent for a large family will cause nothing but arguments and stress.

An air bed is another important item to consider. You could choose to sleep on the ground if you want less to carry, however, after a couple of days, you’re likely to start experiencing back pain and discomfort and you’ll be yearning for a soft bed to sleep on. Air beds are cheap, light and simple to inflate, so they won’t inconvenience you in any way. You won’t regret taking one!

Once you’ve got a roof over your head and something soft to sleep on, you’ll need something to sleep in. Many modern sleeping bags offer incredible levels of warmth and comfort, making them ideal for chilly summer nights. They can also be rolled up into a small, convenient bag allowing them to be transported easily between locations.

Cookware and Food

Camping Cooker Camping Kettle 5-Piece Aluminium Cook Set Lucio Portable BBQ Fire Bowl

When camping, the last thing you want to do be doing is eating out 3 times a day. Food stalls and markets at festivals and campsites often charge increased rates for food because they know that many people will only have 2 options: pay their prices or starve. You should always take some form of portable gas cooker when camping so you have the option to cook your own food. They’re cheap and light to carry and will save you a ton of money on food costs.

Remember, you’ll need something to actually cook your food in, so it might be worth purchasing yourself one of our aluminium cook sets if you don’t already have a set of camping pans. Included in the package are 2 saucepans, 2 frying pans and a detachable handle. All the pans in the set are made from lightweight material so you’ll have no trouble carrying or storing them.

If you have the space in your car, you may also want to consider purchasing a portable barbecue. When the sun is shining, you can’t beat relaxing in the great outdoors with friends and family as a barbecue sizzles away in the background. The legs are collapsible, plus there’s a handy carry bag included in the package for easy transportation and storage.

Storage Solutions

Camping Cupboard
For longer camping trips i.e. those lasting for more than a weekend, some form of storage area for food will be necessary. Our camping cupboards have as strong, sturdy frame and mesh door for ventilation. They’re perfect for storing tinned goods, pasta, cereal and confectionery. Without a camping cupboard, you run the risk of your food being misplaced or eaten by wildlife.

When preparing food, it’s always useful to have a work surface available. Our camping workstation provides an area for chopping food, and offers space to store cookers, kettles, plates and pans. The workstation is easy to assemble and can be folded flat for easy storage.

Tables and Chairs

Foldable Picnic Table
For outdoor dining, a camping table is essential. Eating whilst sat on the floor is not ideal, especially if the ground is wet. Our camping tables can be folded for easy storage and have a wipe-clean MDF top, making them incredibly easy to clean and maintain. They could also double up as a makeshift ironing board!

Where seating is concerned, our camping leisure chairs are ideal for both eating in around a table and relaxing in by a campfire. They come equipped with a handy slot in the arm for holding cans and cups and can be folded into a carry bag for convenient storage and transportation.

If you don’t want to buy separate tables and chairs, then you might want to take a look at our foldable picnic table. With its durable steel frame, easy to clean table top, and foldable design, it’s the ideal table for family camping holidays.


Wellingtons are a must-have item for any festival. Even if the weatherman forecasts blazing sunshine for the entire weekend, there’s still guaranteed to be mud! Festivals simply wouldn’t be festivals without wellingtons. At 24studio, we stock an extensive range of wellingtons in various styles and colours.

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