Monday, 8 April 2013

Introducing...The Playstation 4!

The wait is almost over....the Playstation 4 is nearly upon us! I can barely contain myself. It’s been over 6 years since the PS3 and the other 7th generation consoles were released and, quite frankly, it’s time for a change. Sony may not have given much away at the official launch ceremony and there are a lot of details still to be confirmed, but, we do know it’s going to be an incredible machine that’s likely to redefine the modern day games console.

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A few highlights from the launch ceremony... 

Release Date

Will we have the PS4 in time for Christmas? This is the question on every Playstation fan’s lips. Well, apparently we will. Sony have pencilled in a release date of ‘Holiday 2013’ which usually means mid to late November, just in time for the Christmas rush. However, this date is not set in stone, so it could change. Hopefully, Sony will surprise us and release the PS4 even earlier!

The New Pad

Sony has worked miracles with the new Playstation pad; they’ve somehow managed to totally revamp it without losing any of the iconic look and feel. The new PS4 pad has a much ‘grippier’ underside than previous pads, making it feel more substantial and easier to hold. There’s also an innovative new touch pad located above the joysticks, giving you even more control over your games and the navigational menus. For social media integration, there’s a new ‘share’ button located on the top of the pad, which allows you to post short clips from your gameplay on Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets.

Games – A First Glance....

There were certainly a good variety of games on show at the PS4 launch ceremony, from cartoon style games such as Knack to big, brash shoot ‘em ups like Killzone Shadow Fall. Every game had something in common; they looked stunning.
I personally can’t wait to start playing Infamous: Second Sun. Here’s a short trailer...

Processor, Graphics and other Key Specs

To be honest, the PS4’s hardware details are a bit thin on the ground, so it’s difficult to go into too much detail here. What we do know is that the PS4 will use AMD technology. It will also incorporate 8GB of superfast memory, twice the size of the rumoured 4GB memory. If you have a quick glance at a few of the PS4 game trailers that have been released, you’ll soon realise how sharp the graphics are going to be. The PS4 seems to be fully equipped to run games at 1080p and 60 fps (frames per second) while being able to support 3D too. It all looks very promising.

graphics power of the PS4.
An example of the graphics power of the PS4.

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