Wednesday, 6 March 2013

50 Years of Bond..........James Bond

Raise a Martini and say happy 50th birthday to the most iconic figure in pop culture! To celebrate Bond at 50, we’ve released a brand spanking new Bond book! Inside, you’ll discover interesting facts about Bond styles, film plots, villains and more. There’s even an overview of all Bond’s sexiest ladies! It really is the perfect gift for any fan...

The Book Of Bond Only £7.99

...and that’s not all. We've even got some heart-stopping James Bond experience days and the latest Bond console games for you to take a look at.

Bond’s Best Bits...

Drive like a Secret Agent...

Aston Martin Thrill
I think we’d all love to drive an Aston Martin at some point! Now you can thanks to Richard Branson and his wonderful Virgin Experience Days. Imagine tearing around a racetrack in Britain’s most beautiful supercar as adrenaline surges through your body and the ground gets eaten up in front of you. Sounds good doesn’t it?

We have 2 days available:

Kids (aged 12-16) Aston Martin Thrill Only £115

Adults (with a full driving license) Junior Aston martin DB9 Only £99

007 Powerboat Adventure

007 Powerboat Adventure
This is an experience that’s guaranteed to scare the living daylights out of you...but in a good way! Your day will consist of 2 secret missions should you choose to accept them (wrong film, I know.) On mission 1, you’ll be expected to ‘drive it like you stole it’ and push your powerboat to the limit. On mission 2, you’ll get behind the wheel of a luxury 37 foot Sunseeker powerboat and open it up as you navigate the water. You’ll definitely be left shaken and a little bit stirred!

Sign up for your Powerboat Adventure. Only £149

Play like Bond...

007 Legends
If you’d prefer to just kick back and enjoy the Bond experience at home, then 007 legends on the Wii U is the thing for you. Legends allows you to relive some of the most famous moments from the Bond film archive with stunning graphics and hugely enjoyable game play.

007 Legends Only £44.99
If you’re a handheld console fan, we also have the fantastic 007 Blood Stone available on the Nintendo DS Only £19.99

Other Bond Related Products...

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