Friday, 2 September 2011

Create A Work Of Art With A Professional Wood Burning Set

Burning Patterns and pictures into wood is a fun and simple craft called woodburning or pyrography.

Create works of art with this Professional Wood Burning Set and Case, HALF PRICE, Now Only £14.99

You'll need a few special tools and a little bit of patience to become a skilful woodburner. So you might need to practice, practice, practice!

For Woodburning you will need:
1. A suitable surface or piece of wood, spare pieces of wood from the shed or garage are perfect for practising on, and then choose a special piece of wood for the finished item, remembering of course that some types of wood burn quicker than others.

2. Pick a design and transfer it to the wood, this can be a picture you've found in a book, a design you've drawn up yourself, or a persons name - designs and choices are endless!

3. Choose a wood burning tool. This Professional Wood Burning Set and Case comes complete with 10 wood burning drawing tips, 9 wood burning stamping patterns, 1 solder tip, 1 hot knife blade, 1 safety stand, and a case - great for getting you started.

4. Burn the pattern or the design you have chosen onto the wood, after first practising on a scrap piece of wood

5. Finish your work by rubbing out any pencil lines that have been left over from your outline, and then when all the burning is complete you can either hang your picture as it is, or even seal it with varnish or oil/wax and hang and enjoy, or even give as a homemade, handmade Personalised Gift this Christmas.

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