Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Piers defends Jade

Piers Morgan has hit out at critics who have claimed Jade Goody is exploiting her cancer battle.

The former Big Brother contestant has been in the public eye since being diagnosed with the disease, with reports last week confirming that her condition is terminal.

Morgan - who is currently promoting his new ITV chat show - has defended Goody's decision to remain in the media, saying she only has the best interests of her children at heart.

He said: "I think people who accuse Jade of milking the situation should just shut up.

"I don't think you milk a situation where you just have months to live and you need to provide for your children.

"Jade's publicist Max Clifford recently claimed that she is looking to make as much money as possible before she dies to support her two sons.

Mr Clifford said she wanted to give them the best education possible.

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