Thursday, 29 May 2008

Michael Sophocles fired from Apprentice

Telesales executive Michael Sophocles has been fired by Sir Alan Sugar in the tycoon's hit TV show The Apprentice.

The 24-year-old was given the boot after his Renaissance team were trounced in a supercar rental task.

Rival Lee McQueen and his Team Alpha made over £11,000 by renting cars to London businessmen as a result of their risky decision to offer a Pagani Zonda - which could be rented for a daily charge of £2,700.

Sophocles had been expected to attract plenty of custom with his Ferrari, but lack of direction and naivety about cars let him down and he failed to make a single sale.

In his exit interview with the BBC, Sophocles said he thought his time to be fired had come three weeks previously.

"I was almost like a dead man walking," he said.

"I'd run my course and the five people who are in the final five deserve to be there."

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